Friday, January 23, 2009

Company Girl Coffee 1.23.09

Good Morning Girls!

This week did not start off great for me. I should start off by saying that ten years ago my husband (then my boyfriend) and I bought our very first pet. It was our first pet together, but it was also my very first pet EVER. He was a little tiny black dwarf rabbit, and we named him Midnight. He was the best rabbit ever. We trained him to use a litter box, and later when we got Duke (our German Shepherd) the two of them were the cutest pair! You wouldn't think a tiny dwarf rabbit and a German Shepherd would be friends, but they were. They'd chase each other around the yard (yes, chase each other. Midnight would actually try to chase Duke. It was hilarious). Midnight was also very particular about how his cage was set up. He had to have his little house (a little wooden structure Ben built for him, he usually slept in there and occasionally chewed on it) in the back corner and he couldn't have too many shavings in there. On days when I'd clean his cage out we'd play a game where I'd fill his little house up with shavings and he'd dive in and shovel it all out with his paws.

Last Thursday when I fed Midnight I noticed that he seemed to be getting thinner and wasn't as active as he usually is. I figured I'd give it a day and see if maybe he was just having a lazy day, which he's done before - he just sort of hangs out and relaxes instead of hopping all over the place. So Friday came and he didn't look any better, I could feel his little spine and when he'd lay down he had trouble getting back up. It was like half of his body wasn't working, and he'd sort of scramble to try to get up and just not make it. So, since he's rather old I decided to make him an appointment at the vet just in case there was something wrong, and he was supposed to go to the vet on Tuesday (after the holiday). Well...Monday morning I got up and went to see him and he seemed to be about the same. He looked like he'd lost some weight, and when I picked him up and snuggled him he didn't want to get down. Usually he'll let me snuggle him for a few minutes, but then he gets fidgety and wants to hop around and play. It wasn't like that Monday morning. After awhile I went back upstairs to take care of the baby while Ben plowed the driveway.

When I went back downstairs a couple hours later to help Ben finish the plowing, I went over to check on Midnight. I guess he had just waited until he'd gotten some morning snuggles before he went into his "house" and passed away. He looked peaceful in there, just laying down like he'd gone to take a nap...

Ben found some wood and we made his little house into a coffin. I wrapped him up in some fabric and we put some carrots in, and said a little prayer. And Ben dug a hole out back where Midnight used to go and eat clovers and we buried him up on that hill. I miss that little bun. In the spring I think we'll put up a little plaque and I'll plant some flowers.

Farewell my little friend. You were a very loved little bunny.

So, aside from that, my week has been fairly calm. I made some fantastic toffee (has anyone ever had the toffee that includes Saltines? You wouldn't think it would work, but it does!) and had lots of fun playing with the Munchkin. She's learned how to roll over and has now figured out that if she continues to roll in the same direction she can roll herself across the room! Only occasionally does she get hung up - if she manages to change direction and roll into one of the support things on her jungle gym she gets stuck there, which is rather amusing.

I hope everyone else had a great week and you're not as snowed in as we are!


Dani said...

I teared up reading about your bunny. I'm so sorry. I've often wondered what it will be like for me when my little doggie passes away...the thought of it just makes me hurt so much. It is amazing how much you can come to love an animal! I am sorry for your loss :(

Mommahen said...

I'm so sorry for your lose. My hubby bought me a dog when we got married. Buster lived to be 12. He passed December 26th 2006. It was the hardest thing for me. He had testicular cancer, and even if they removed the tumor they could not guarantee anymore then six more months. The vet put him down. But my husband thought he would spare me and did not call me until it was over. I was devistated. I wanted to say good-bye. I am so glad you had those final moments with your pet. I regret everyday that I didn't. The only comfort I took was that my husband did bring him back home where we buried him under his favorite tree.

Your toffee sounds interesting. Thank you for inviting us over.

Rachel Anne said...

I'm so sorry about your bunny! He was adorable. I always thought it was silly to grieve for a pet until we had to put our first dog down. Most of the time I'd hated that dog, was annoyed with her....and then when she was gone I was so sad!! I didn't realize how much I would miss seeing those brown eyes staring at me, waiting to be petted. Now our old yellow lab is on his last legs (I refuse to see the movie Marley) and I hate to see him get so old.

mholgate said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your bunny. The loss of a pet is always so hard. My mom still has kitty memorials in a special place in back of the house from when I was a kid. A special place to remember Midnight is a great idea.

Thanks for sharing,

secondofwett said...

Oh dog, my loyal friend for the past 9 years, died today. I'm having difficulty at times agreeing that it was the best thing for him....I miss him.

Erin said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Midnight. How nice you got one last snuggle before he passed.

Kara said...

That's so sad about your bunny!! We had some red-eyed tree frogs (in addition to our dogs and fire-bellied newts) that we just loved to watch every day. Then, suddenly, within the past week, they both just suddenly passed away. They didn't look sick or anything. Their bellies looked full. I really couldn't see anything wrong. The littler one died first and then the older just died on Saturday. It was kind of crazy how sad I was...I almost wanted to cry. Over a couple of frogs. Soo...I completely understand your sadness over your bunny. :(