Monday, January 26, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

This should be a pretty simple and easy menu this week as hubby won't be home for dinner most nights and I'll be taking care of the munchkin all day. I figure it's better to plan super simple things than to end up not eating because I don't have a plan! And with a four month old...if I'm not organized things just don't get done!

Monday: Breakfast for Dinner (eggs on toast, sausage, hash brown)
Tuesday: Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich
Wednesday: mini homemade pizza...or a frozen pizza if I'm feeling really lazy!
Thursday: Fish, rice, and veggies
Friday: Chicken caesar salad
Saturday: Roasted chicken, rice or mashed potatoes, veggies
Sunday: Most likely leftovers

It should be an easy week dinner-wise...and I think the Munchkin and I are going to have a fun week together! She's even coming in to work with me a couple times!