Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
I'm a little late in posting as of late, but I finally have a few minutes for a quick update!
Our Christmas was fantastic. I love having everybody at the house, and I'm so glad that our new(ish) house has plenty of room for everybody to spend the night without being on top of one another.
One of my favorite Christmas gifts this year:
Now let me explain it. :) A couple years ago, when Ben was deployed, my brother, Allen, and I went to my parents house and we baked Christmas cookies together. But, because while we strictly adhere to traditions (like baking cookies together) we aren't exactly always traditional in what we make. That year we had the drunk Christmas penguin, a Christmas fried egg, and Christmas Pac Man and Ghosts, and, our favorite, Stuart the Christmas Elephant (I have no idea how we came up with Stuart's name, it just happened). That Christmas Allen shellacked Stuart, put a ribbon on him, and gave him to me for my Christmas tree. And for two years Stuart proudly hung on the tree...until this year. This year he came out of the ornament box...a little fuzzy. And green. I suppose when you use actual cookie dough rather than dough intended for ornaments mold is perhaps inevitable. And with the baby I didn't want to keep anything moldy hanging around on the tree (or anywhere else for that matter...). So Stuart ended up in the trash. I wrote my brother a sad little email about how I had to get rid of Stuart...and this year I got the ornament above. That is a picture of the actual Stuart the Christmas Elephant (apparently we thought it was so funny that we took a picture of the cookie), in a Seasons Greetings frame that Allen made, with a ribbon to hang on the tree. The back of it says:
"Stuart The Ghost of Christmas Elephants Past, 2008." I think it's hilarious and thoughtful. I love my brother. :)
Madelyn got a new hat (amongst a trove of other clothes and toys). I just thought the picture was hilarious.

And eventually she got sick of the whole Christmas thing and just needed a nap:
So now, onward to the new year! I've resolved to try harder to keep up with the Small Things, and to do a little extra every day. And I'm trying hard to get into some sort of household routine so that the laundry gets done, and the bathrooms get cleaned and my house doesn't generally fall apart. :) I read someplace that it takes 21 days to get into a new habit, so I'm resolving to start 12 new healthy habits this year (just small ones, nothing huge) - one per month. I figure that way I can get into the habit of one of those, and then once it's already a part of my life - I can start another one. We're talking really small though. This month's is to bring up the yucky dishcloth & kitchen towel every night and throw it in the laundry (or at least the laundry pile) so that it doesn't get stinky in the kitchen sink. :) See? SMALL.

In current, and totally unrelated to anything, knitting news - I haven't finished a darn thing. Go figure. I'm partway through the foot of the blue and brown socks (which are someone's Christmas gift for next year), and working on the heel of the pink and blue socks (another gift, although I'm not sure for who yet...), and still working on the mittens from Karen's homespun. I have finished nothing. Maybe I should incorporate knitting into my new years resolutions somehow....